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You can define your colors as a simple list of key-value pairs as we've done above, or using a nested object notation where the nested keys are added to the base color name as modifiers:. Like many other places in Tailwind, the default key is special and means "no modifier", so this configuration would generate classes like.

Note that you need to use dot notation to access nested colors when using the theme function — the colors are only converted to dash-case for the actual CSS class names.

Don't use the dash syntax to access nested color values with theme. Use dot notation to access nested color values with theme. As described in the theme documentation , if you'd like to override the default color palette, you can do so using the theme. This will disable Tailwind's default color palette and generate classes like bg-indigo , text-blue , and border-red instead. As described in the theme documentation , if you'd like to extend the default color palette, you can do so using the theme.

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This will generate classes like bg-regal-blue in addition to all of Tailwind's default colors. If you'd like to override one of Tailwind's default colors but preserve the rest, simply provide the new values in the theme.

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Since values in the theme. The easiest option is to import the default theme and spread in the color you want to customize along with the new shade value:. If you'd like to disable a default color because you aren't using it in your project, the easiest approach is to just build a new color palette that references the default theme. For example, this tailwind.

Customizing Colors

You could also use destructuring to simplify the above example if you're comfortable with it:. Tailwind uses literal color names like red, green, etc. This ends up being fairly practical for most projects, but there are good reasons to use other naming conventions as well. For example, if you're working on a project that needs to support multiple themes, it might make sense to use more abstract names like primary and secondary :.

3. Purple & pink

The name collisions are shown in the table below; the color names where the hex values agree are shown in bold. Keywords: matplotlib code example, codex, python plot, pyplot Gallery generated by Sphinx-Gallery. Version 3.

Quick search. Show Page Source. Note Click here to download the full example code. For more information on colors in matplotlib see the Color Demo example; the matplotlib.

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For example, import numpy as np import matplotlib. Download Python source code: colors. Download Jupyter notebook: colors.

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