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Our rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivaled strength, powerful style and refined board-feel. Back to List. The Fury. Team Nitro X Drink Water. In one scene, he shoots a captured enemy officer in the back. A few scenes later, he's protecting two German women from being assaulted by his own men.

No wonder it shoots itself in the tank.

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Newsday ' s Rafer Guzman admired director Ayer, who "does a good job of putting us inside the tank Fury "; with "all the extra blood and brutality, this is still a macho and romanticized war movie", and he singled out Pitt, who he said "serves honorably in the John Wayne role".

It never scales the cinematic heights or reaches the same groundbreaking level as Saving Private Ryan , but it's intensely ferocious and relentlessly rough on the senses. You'll know you've been to war, and not on the Hollywood front. Film critic Christopher Orr of The Atlantic magazine said that the film "is too technically refined to be a truly bad movie, but too narratively and thematically stunted to be a good one.

In a sense, it succeeds too well in conjuring its own subject matter: heavy, mechanical, claustrophobic, and unrelenting. Bayonets in the eye, bullets in the back, limbs blown apart, corpses of humans and horses splayed across muddy, incinerated terrain.

Fury conveys these truths with brute force and lean, precise drama. Rugged, macho, violent and with a story sufficiently unusual to grab and hold interest, it's a modern version of the sort of movie Hollywood turned out practically every week back in the s and s.

Brad Pitt Best scene EVER - FURY

While much has been made about the reportedly extreme lengths he took to prep for the role, the fact remains it is one of his best performances. Equally, it shows instances of humanity without resorting to the rah-rah, sanitized perspective that infiltrated many war films of the s and s. The New York Times ' critic A. Scott praised the film and Pitt's character, "Within this gore-spattered, superficially nihilistic carapace is an old-fashioned platoon picture, a sensitive and superbly acted tale of male bonding under duress.

Pitt moves even closer to iconic stardom, and young Mr. Lerman steals the picture as the camera lens through whose eyes and veins we share every dehumanizing experience. Purists may squabble, but if you're a history buff or a pushover for the sight of a man engulfed in flames who shoots himself through the head before he burns to death, you'll go away from Fury sated.

Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald gave the film 2 out of 4 and said, "War is hell. That's entertainment, folks. Instead of flags and patriotism, Fury is about filth: the basins of blood, the smears on the soldiers' exhausted faces, the bodies pushed around by bulldozers, a decomposing corpse that's melted into the mud. Where it elevates itself from being merely a believably grimy, well-acted war drama is in its long and surprising middle act. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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      Shia LaBeouf kicked out of ‘Fury’ hotel for stealing billionaires’ chicken | Canoe

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