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I find peace by drumming, through vibrational dance, connecting to myself and sitting through the initial anxiety and pain. I hold my inner child and I remind her that she is loved and safe, and I tell my inner teen she is heard and respected. I give my adult self a pat on the back and breathe through the moment.

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I escape to music and it has always been there that I find peace, beauty, hope, strength, and restoration. It reminds me of all that is good. Just a normal guy who can't exist without classical music, Australia. I find it in classical music, usually Mozart, but many others too.

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  7. I can't imagine the chaos of a world without classical music. I am just listening to Shostakovich's 8th Symphony by Mravinsky and after that, I think this chaos is not so bad place to live in. Listen to you, dear Joyce, I really feel calm and peace, thank you for your wonderful concert at Taipei!

    Jen-Pin LIN. The pendulum of human history has continuously swung between despair and hope, horror and bliss, chaos and tranquility. We are a restless bunch, prone to desperation, isolation and violence in some moments, and yet, mercifully, to optimism and generosity in others. As a citizen of the world in , at times I am overwhelmed by the temptation to spiral down into the turmoil and pessimism that seemingly invades all corners of our lives, pulling me into the dispiriting din of upheaval which can devastate the spirit.

    I resist.

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    And so I ask myself: Is it possible to find a sincere and lasting peace within such deafening chaos? And if so, how can I access it? Is there an alternative to simply surrendering to the inevitable noise and our base fears, instead choosing serenity, audaciously silencing those fears? For centuries, creators of great art have been depicting atrocity and pandemonium alongside tranquility and harmony for centuries, boldly showing us both our brutal nature and our elevated humanity.

    War and Peace

    Art unifies, transcends borders, connects the disconnected, eliminates status, soothes turmoil, threatens power and the status-quo, and gloriously exalts the spirit. What Tolstoy offers is not so much a set of answers to life's every situation as an attitude toward living.

    WAR AND PEACE Volume 1 Part 1 - by Leo Tolstoy - Unabridged Audiobook - FAB

    He invites us not to settle for the prescriptions of others, but to join him and his characters in their quest for deeper meaning, to keep asking the important questions and seeking out authentic experience on our own. History, Tolstoy tells us, is what happens to us. Destiny is what we do with it. It's an engrossing read. War and Peace revolutionized the modern novel, in part, by packing in more human experience than any other work of fiction had ever attempted.

    Henry James called Tolstoy "a monster harnessed to his great subject--all of life. You see, hear, and feel everything in Tolstoy's world: glistening sunrises, whining cannonballs, exhilarating troika races, glorious births, brutal deaths, and everything in between. If a human being has ever experienced it, War and Peace depicts it.

    فى وسط الصخب كيف تصل الى السلام.

    You'll get to know a lot of fascinating people. Almost of them, in fact. How often do you have the opportunity to meet that many people from so many different walks of life? Each one of them, even the minor ones, is utterly recognizable and fully alive. Nobody is all good or all bad in War and Peace , which is what makes these characters so real, so human. Even Napoleon himself, the closest thing to a villain in the novel, is, at least, interesting.

    There are even a few moments when Tolstoy allows us to glimpse into his soul and feel his pain, as when Napoleon surveys the corpse-strewn battlefield of Borodino, only to realize the full extent of his cruelty, as well as his impotence. As a writer, Tolstoy follows his own injunction to "relate, portray, but do not judge," and in so doing, he creates characters that live and breathe.

    It'll make you feel better about being alive. This book chock full of moments of human brutality, of battlefields drenched in blood, also contains some of the most powerful moments of transcendent bliss you'll encounter in world literature: Prince Andrei, seeing the gorgeous immensity of the universe for the first time while lying prostrate on the battlefield; or Natasha, when she dances and sings, as if nobody were watching; or Nikolai Rostov, immersing himself animal-like in the thrill of the wolf hunt.

    In this is the greatness of man. That's the message that inspired an incarcerated Nelson Mandela, who called War and Peace his favorite novel, and it's one that can comfort and inspire readers in our own troubled times.

    Life at One of England’s Last Tolstoyan Communes

    US Edition U. News U.

    It was Russia’s original soap opera

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    In War and Peace In War and Peace
    In War and Peace In War and Peace
    In War and Peace In War and Peace
    In War and Peace In War and Peace
    In War and Peace In War and Peace
    In War and Peace In War and Peace

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