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As an early introduction to toilet training, try placing your fully clothed child on the potty. Let them read a book or sing a song on the potty without focusing on actually going. Next, move to sitting your child on the potty directly after taking off a wet or dirty diaper. From there, you may encourage your child to use the potty one to three times a day for a few minutes at a time. After mealtimes is an especially good time to try, as it tends to be when children have full bladders and bowels.

Top 10 potty training books

You can increase the number of trips or tries your child takes throughout the day over time. It may be helpful to create a loose schedule, such as:. This is normal and expected. Point out the accident, but without blame or shame attached. You can simply remind them that pee or poop goes in the potty. Young children get easily distracted and can be resistant to abandoning play for a bathroom break. Let them know that after the bathroom break, they can return to playing.

The most important thing to remember with potty training is that children are individuals. While there are average timelines for when to start and when you might finish the process, your child may be ready sooner or later than the norm. Accidents can be frustrating, but punishment or scolding during or following an accident may lead to regressions and make training take longer overall.

Having the right products can make potty training easier for parents and children.

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But what products do you actually need? Here are seven must-haves…. When it comes to potty training twins, parents of multiples face double the challenge. These tips will help you get through it. This is normal and can be fixed.

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Bed-wetting is common for kids, and can be challenging for families. Readiness signs Boys vs.

Is your child ready? In some parts of the world, children are trained earlier, whereas in other areas, children are trained later. Ultimately, do what works best for you and your child. Do girls learn to use the potty earlier than boys? How long does it take?

Signs That Your Child is Definitely Ready

Average age for bedtime potty training. Tips for potty training. Gear guide Do you need special gear to potty train? Here are some potty training must-haves to get you started. You can even do this when they are a baby. Take your child with you to the bathroom every time you go. Positive modeling makes potty training something your child wants to work towards to feel more independent and grown up—similar to transitioning to a big kid bed or riding a bike.

Try to keep everything super positive.


How to Potty Train Your Child Advice from UK Nurse

Avoid telling them that diapers are for babies, or that poo is yucky, dirty, or gross. Start dressing your child for success a month before starting potty training. This means ditching onesies, overalls, jeggings, and complicated outfits.


Opt for skirts, loose shorts, and easy to pull up and down pants. You can even start teaching your child to push down and pull up his pants when getting dressed. The more you involve them in the process, the better. Start reading potty training books early on. Some great options include lift-the-flap books , board books , and sound books. There tend to be two leading schools of thought when it comes to potty training.

Top 10 potty training books | Children's books | The Guardian

One puts the power in your hands, educating your child early about potty use. Neither is right or wrong. In fact, some parents use a hybrid approach, taking key elements from each. Many experts recommend keeping your child naked for three days straight, canceling all plans, and watching them like a hawk. Once they start to pee yes, on your floor , you scoop them up and rush them to the potty. Over time, they begin to recognize the urge themselves and learn to communicate it to you in advance or they walk over to the potty independently.

Potty Training. However, if you have an entire week to stay at home, this boot camp approach to potty training does have a lot of success. This approach avoids any strong education or early intervention. He may ask to go to the potty or start complaining about his dirty diaper. Sometimes this can happen early, but usually, it happens around years old.

But some parents claim that the longer they wait, the more comfortable their child gets with wearing diapers, thus making it harder to transition to the potty. Many experts advise against using any rewards or incentives associated with the potty training process.

The Potty Training Shopping List

This is because the child will learn to rely heavily on the rewards, having many accidents once they are taken away. For example, if you always let him watch YouTube videos on your phone while he sits on the potty, this is a tough habit to break. Make sure to offer plenty of praise and positive feedback, even for trying.

For example, if your child sits on the potty independently, but nothing happens, still offer applause, a hug, a high-5, whatever you think will make your child feel proud for her efforts. Accidents are normal, even as kids get older.

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Make sure you keep your voice calm, loving, and patient when you notice an accident. You can gently remind them that pee goes in the potty, not on the floor. We recommend a stand-alone potty chair , one your child can walk over to and sit down by themselves. You can also get a potty insert , one that sits on top of your standard toilet. Getting a travel potty insert for on-the-go is crucial.

Big toilets in the real world can be scary! This little owl seat is a favorite for my kids, and has been used in restaurants, stores, even on airplanes!

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On Your Potty! On Your Potty!
On Your Potty! On Your Potty!
On Your Potty! On Your Potty!
On Your Potty! On Your Potty!
On Your Potty! On Your Potty!

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