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Although increased T1 signal was observed in the globus pallidus and dentate nuclei of all patients, the neurological status did not change. No signs of extrapyramidal symptomatology were detected, nor did neuropsychological testing reveal any relevant impairment implicating involvement.

SNR and coils

Additionally, implants are commonly employed for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. This abstract investigates the implications of breast implants silicone or saline composition with a wide range of conductive properties on patient safety and suggests there are minimal effects on local g average SAR and B1 fields.

An alternative approach is to use hybrid coils which combine loops with other resonator shapes such as a figure-of-8 coil, butterfly coil, microstrip or dipole. However, the coupling between elements in hybrid coil arrays proves to be challenging due to the proximity of more coil elements. We proposed two kinds of shielded hybrid resonator arrays inner- or outer-pick-up that exhibit an obvious Rx-performance improvement compared to conventional loop arrays. We also find that the Rx-performance is better with outer-pick-up.

A channel RF array was built composed of a 7-channel loop receive array and an 8-channel dipole transceiver array with the receive array designed to be scalable to high density arrays. Transmit B1 maps demonstrated transmit field immunity to receive array insertion. The absolute SNR generated by the loop array receiver is on average 2.

The coil was successfully used in combination with dipole transceivers to acquire in-vivo swine brain anatomical images at By taking the advantage of high frequency capability and large size of dipole antennas, in this work, we propose a novel surface coil design method using the proposed V-shaped dipole antennas for large-size, high-frequency, loop-type surface coils in ultrahigh field MR applications in humans.

This opens up the possibility of constructing high frequency large size surface coils for ultrahigh field MR imaging in humans. However, the weak coupling of the standard dipoles and over-length make the design difficult and also limit its utility. In this work, we propose a modified dipole structure which can be used for high frequency non-array volume coils with improved coupling. It also provides certain flexibility in coil length control.

Results of the proposed design at MHz and MHz i.

SNR and coils

Hansen, Rafael Baron, Esben S. Szocska Hansen, Daniel H. Hanson, Jan H. We show that at this frequency, the effect of sample loading is minimal, and the prior information obtained in phantoms benefits in-vivo experiments. This one-time calibration allows for optimal combination of coil signals, which is also expected to improve parallel imaging performance.

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However, such MRI systems are usually only equipped with a limited number of coils, rarely optimized for ex-vivo imaging. In this work, the asymmetric elliptical birdcage is proposed to improve overall performance through electromagnetic simulations. The development of the dual frequencies RF coil array keeps pace with this interest.

At the overlay of both the proton and second-nucleus frequencies coil loops, inductive coupling between coils has resolved to retain proton sensitivity and coil tuning stability by LLC and LC tank circuit. However, they cause another mutual coupling issue between the circuits and coil loops. However, to date, almost all image studies have investigated these two highly interconnected systems in separations, due mainly to the lack of an adequate imaging hardware. It needs only two receive channels and operates in a highly restricted volume, making it suitable for the small animal scanner.

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The performance of the coils was evaluated using an electromagnetic simulator. A transmit-receive coil was used for this study.


RF Coil Design for MRI Applications in Inhomogeneous Main Magnetic Fields

Heating at certain resonance lengths separated by half a wavelength in air was observed. The heating at resonance lengths were times less than that reported earlier at 3T at same specific absorption rate, and under similar configurations and settings. Terekhov, M. Stefanescu, M. Fischer, L. The developed cardiac coil array consists of two independent parts, the semi-curved anterior array and the flat posterior array, each array composed of identical 8-elements.

The novel cardiac pTx array has higher Tx-efficiency and flexibility in RF-shimming compared to the 1Tx commercial coil. We used the conventional single-channel system with a Nova channel 1Tx head coil and the pTx system with a Nova channel 8Tx head coil. We report temporal signal-to-noise ratio tSNR statistics for each image series. The average and variation of shim current distributions were revealed.

Singular Value Decomposition suggested orthogonal current modes to reduce off-resonance. They achieved shimming performance comparable to the 5 th -order and 4 th -order spherical harmonic in global and slice-selective shimming, respectively. In this work, we optimized a channel multi-coil to fit best for shimming of the human brain. The individual coils are optimized in terms of size and position. The performance is compared with the conventional symmetric design.

Objects in a magnet bore cause high order inhomogeneities not correctable by shimming, and confound magnetic field mapping and phase unwrapping algorithms. We show a wire winding carrying direct current can simulate an object of adjustable susceptibility, for rapid testing of field mapping and phase unwrapping methods.

B0 shimming of human brains from the human connectome project with currents outside the target volume were performed and used to construct optimal n-channel shim fields. The ultimate? B 0 shim and optimal n-channel coils will be useful tools in the analysis and comparison of shim array designs. In this work, we provide a FEM-circuit co-simulation method for this problem and the result clearly shows that main superconducting coil plays an important role in shaping the B0 EC time constant and thus to include them in model is necessary for making accurate prediction.

The values of using tailored gradient coils for brain imaging have been well acknowledged. Unfortunately, conventional head-only gradient coils have two major technical limitations, i. As a proof-of-concept, we have built a protype gradient coil capable of generating The purpose of this study is to propose low-cost gradients using commercially-available printed circuit boards PCBs. For proof of concept, we fabricated four types of PCB-gradients for different MRI systems: cylindrical transverse gradients for a 1.

We verified that the PCB gradients outperform the hand-wound gradients.

RF coil functions - Questions and Answers ​in MRI

Here, we propose a close-fitting, lightweight, whole-brain MRI system to address these limitations. The ring-aggregates are discretized into fan-shaped sections with identical angles and varying outer diameters for design and optimization. Genetic algorithm GA was used. Compared to a Halbach-array, the proposed array shows an increased in field strength It leads to better reconstructed images using simulations where the central blurring area is eliminated.

US20080191699A1 - Rf Traps for Radio Frequency Coils Used in Mri - Google Patents

The one-coil-one-driver solution is preferred to keep the high flexibility. The linear-mode and switch-mode solutions are feasible for such low current applications. However, the switch-mode current driver has the advantage of smaller size in space-limited situations, such as for coils with high number elements. Here we present the design and implementation of a single H-bridge shimming driver.

The performance comparison of analog controller and digital controller is shown, and also two different pulse width modulation methods. High temperature superconductor is used for the fabrication of the magnet. We bring this first prototype for neonatal MRI system which requires more compact dimension and tighter stray field of the magnet. Magnet design has been finished and one coil of the total seven coils has been built and tested.

The experimental results are satisfactory in terms of cooling performance, joint resistance and magnetic field. It successfully approves the feasibility of the concept and more results will be shown when the conference starts.

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A smoothness constraint was included to decrease shim coil complexity. Helmet and cylinder shim coils with shim current amplitudes 4. Compared to the previous modeling studies, our simulation can yield more reliable, high-resolution results within a relatively short calculation time. However, the use of multi-band MB imaging with its superior data collection efficiency has overshadowed the benefits of single SBS updating.

A semi-analytical simulation method was developed to analyse different magnet path and orientations.

Part A: Basic Concepts and Overview

For proof-of-concept, different helical magnet paths and lengths for one and two small magnets were considered to establish spatial encoding efficiency. We demonstrate that a single small encoding magnet moving around the sample in a single helical revolution can be used to generate 3D images via the method of back projection for image reconstruction.

Numerical results demonstrate the validity of the method. The resulting coil layouts can pave a way towards a novel shimming coil specifically intended for human brain shimming. The proposed design method can be extended to other applications and organs. It is straightforward in obtaining the optimal stream function, which is further discretized into a coil wiring, using an analogy to magnetized material and a boundary discretization into square dipoles.

RF Coils for MRI RF Coils for MRI
RF Coils for MRI RF Coils for MRI
RF Coils for MRI RF Coils for MRI
RF Coils for MRI RF Coils for MRI
RF Coils for MRI RF Coils for MRI
RF Coils for MRI RF Coils for MRI
RF Coils for MRI RF Coils for MRI
RF Coils for MRI RF Coils for MRI
RF Coils for MRI

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