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For example, you can create a map of places your class has visited on field trips. You can make maps pinning the locations of your tutoring clients, key locations of famous events for a history class, locations from news article stories, friends, or relatives. In addition to marking pins on a map, you can highlight areas of interest, e. They believe that Virtual Reality can strongly improve the capacity of the human mind to remember the things it learned for a long time. Unimersiv believe that virtual reality should not only be used for gaming, but also for education.

Virtual reality yields the latter scenario impeccably; students can interact with the virtual environment in person and manipulate the various objects within it. Every child is a genius. Every child deserves to thrive. Thrively are guided by those two core beliefs. The Writing Project provides a free platform for teachers, students, schools and anyone involved in education to share their thoughts, advice and expertise in writing.

With over 10, pieces contributed to the site in the past half a year, The Writing Project is a brilliant opportunity to have your voice heard in a wider, worldwide educational community. Everything you need to make your ideas come to life—photo editing, collage making, graphic design—PicMonkey's got it.

It's never been easier to feed your creative beast. PicMonkey makes creative tools for photo editing and graphic design because they want you to rock the universe. PicMonkey want your images to show your creativity, your style, and your spot-on brilliance. Prodigy has content from all major topics to help ensure your students are ready for standardized testing. With a diagnostic test to place students in the correct grade, embedded assessments, and automatic differentiation, Prodigy ensures that each one of your students succeed at their own pace.

Everything your students work on in Prodigy is reported back to you in real time.

Quickly see which skills your students have mastered, and where they may need some additional support. Learn Around The World are constantly thinking of how they can leverage technology to bring new and unique programs to your classroom. Their sole mission is to provide you with fun, interactive and meaningful programs that will not only flatten your classroom, but increase student engagement and enthusiasm. Learn Around The World are your go-to guide to the world providing virtual field trips, guest speakers, and collaborations.

Top 10 Educational Technology Resources

They strive to make programs interactive, unique and an experience that will get your students excited about global education. Desmos wants to help every student learn math and love learning math. So they create digital math tools and let the Internet take them to anyone who wants them! Desmos has built the best-in-class HTML5 graphing calculator, which millions of students around the world use for free. That calculator catches stellar reviews in app stores and from happy users on Twitter.

The team also create activities on top of that calculator, helping students use a powerful tool to experience all the curiosity, beauty, and sense that math has to offer. Those activities were used so often by so many teachers around the world that the Desmos team decided to create an Activity Builder, helping every teacher create digital math activities that equal and exceed the activities created by the team themselves.

It's a sad reality that only 1 in 5 children get a bedtime story on a regular basis and, although children are traditionally taught in the daytime, knowledge and fact-based learning is most effective in the 90 minutes before sleep. The home has three times more impact on a child's learning outcomes than school but supplementary learning can be expensive.

Getting the learning right at home, is key to a child's future but often parents don't have the tools or knowledge to be able to be effective teachers themselves. This is why Dream Learners' stories are so beneficial for everyone in the family. After extensive research they are developing a multi-platform library of magical, animated story experiences that broadly cover the curriculum and are optimised for safe use in the 90 minutes before bedtime - the best time to learn.

The magical learning stories and accompanying resources are aimed at children aged 3 - 9 to use on their own, or for maximum learning impact, with a parent. Dream Learners are constantly expanding their library of stories and resources. Playing a game while learning and completing homework at the same time! Coda Quest is a online role-playing game that delivers academics through a game-based 3D environment. There are hundreds of interactive resources linked to core curriculum areas, including complete units of work with detailed lesson plans, handouts and more. PlayPosit is an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons.

SMART interactive displays, whiteboards and collaboration software are so easy to use, they're second nature. Out in the schoolyard students tackle all sorts of imaginative projects together.

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SMART encourages that same back-and-forth interaction inside the classroom and beyond. Simple K12 help motivate, inspire, and enrich more than , teachers per year. In turn, these teachers are also there for each other. They are all in the same boat. They stay up late and get up early. They grade papers in the car. Make lesson plans while making dinner. Email parents while folding laundry. Run the school newspaper while watching ballet practice… and SimpleK12 gives them the ideas and support they need to never give up. Despite the recent advancements in edtech, math teachers and students have still predominantly been using pencil and paper to create math and respond to math questions.

Students, teachers and homeschoolers can access premium, ready-to-use 3D models and lesson plans for learning, creating and sharing their own content. Lifeliqe's mission is to spark in students memorable light bulb moments and create a passion for lifelong learning. Empowering students and teachers through the use of video, with a safe, informative, and fun video sharing experience. The campus wall allows students to post questions about housing, purchasing books or finding the best places to eat and get answers quickly from the campus community.

Admin can post important information and create custom channels that are specific to life at their campus. Newsela is an education technology startup dedicated to transforming the way students access the world through words. Their team combines powerful technological know-how with real-world experience earned in the classroom, the newsroom, and the boardroom. They publish high-interest news and nonfiction articles daily at five levels of complexity for grades using a proprietary, rapid text-leveling process.

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IXL Learning are passionate about creating and supporting the best educational technology possible. They develop groundbreaking products used by millions of learners, from children to adults to make learning as effective as it can be.

IXL are committed to solving the real-world challenges faced by students and teachers around the planet. From a 2-year-old starting to count, to a university student tackling a foreign language, from teachers creating educational games for their class, to parents reviewing concepts with their kids. Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Teaching with technology | Center for Teaching and Learning

They tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Their math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. ClassDojo connects teachers with students and parents to build amazing classroom communities.

Teachers can encourage students for any skill or value — whether it's working hard, being kind, helping others or something else. Students can showcase and share their learning by adding photos and videos to their own portfolios. The Creativity Hub make games and playthings that foster imagination, empathy and self esteem, because we want to see a world where these three things are fostered in every individual. The Creativity Hub has built a reputation these past few years for designing intelligent, playful games that are full of heart.

Rory's Story Cubes is connecting millions around the world through the power of storytelling, while The Extraordinaires Design Studio is helping children develop the empathy and creative thinking skills they need to navigate an increasingly complex and divided world. Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play. Tangible Play Inc. The Hegarty Maths vision was to try and take as much of what makes a great classroom teacher and put it into an online format so this included: well-thought out maths explanations with carefully modelled examples, all learning built on pre-requisite knowledge, all videos followed by bespoke assessments perfectly matching the video and finally a simple and easy to use tracking system that allowed teachers to focus on pupils' mistakes whilst making the collection of tracking data easy.

The plaform was built on what the founders wished they always had as maths teachers. Record, edit, host, and share your video content inside a single app. Replace videos shared anywhere without changing any links or embed codes. Managing and updating content across the web has never been this easy. Never guess whether or not your videos are being watched. Create trackable links to see exactly where your videos are being played and by whom. Legends of Learning is an online game-based learning platform with over games and simulations covering 3rd-8th grade science curricula.

Games are organized on the Legends of Learning Platform into different learning objectives across Earth and Space, Life, and Physical Sciences, making it easy for teachers to locate the subject matter they need. Most learning objectives contain different games. Teachers can read fellow educators' reviews, curriculum concepts, and discussion questions for each game, and give it a try themselves.

Once they select a game or three, they drag and drop games and quizzes into custom playlists and launch the playlists for students to conquer in class or at home.

How can technology help you?

While a playlist is live, teachers can track student progress in real time via the Legends of Learning teacher dashboard. This shows them how much progress each student has made, their answers to each quiz question, and even whether a student has wandered off-task into another browser tab. Question and answer data is immediately available for download in spreadsheet form, and also stored in the platform for future reference.

The platform is designed to run entirely within a web browser, optimized for Chromebooks and iPads. There are no apps to download and no software to install. Just games, simulations, and quizzes, available online for introductory pedagogy, follow-up review, test prep, and homework, mixing fun with versatility.

When the Sutori team got wind of these comments on the same day through one of their numerous feedback channels, they knew they were doing something right. But it was no surprise to them either; from the days of the first prototype, they had followed the same rule: let the users tell you how they want to use your product and build out what they need. Sutori formerly HSTRY enables teachers and students to create interactive stories through a simple and intuitive interface.

Technology Education for Teachers Technology Education for Teachers
Technology Education for Teachers Technology Education for Teachers
Technology Education for Teachers Technology Education for Teachers
Technology Education for Teachers Technology Education for Teachers
Technology Education for Teachers Technology Education for Teachers
Technology Education for Teachers Technology Education for Teachers

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