The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)

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The Chronicler's History Noth

Amsterdam, Karaat. Zeer goede staat. Niet direct af te halen in onze winkel. Thirdly, Nathan's own part in the events will be under consideration, and there will be a discussion of the measures which he took and of his motivation.

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Finally, there will be an attempt to see the settlement of the succession issue against the background of the social and religious life of Jerusalem at that time. There is some justification for following Schwally and others1 in taking 1 Kings 1 as the most appropriate starting point for studying Nathan, despite the fact that it is Nathan's third and final appearance in the Deuteronomistic History that is contained in this chapter.

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Admittedly Nathan in this narrative about palace intrigue plays a role that is markedly different from that attributed to him as a spokesman for Yahweh in 2 Samuel 7 and in 2 Samuel The problems associated with defining Nathan's status in view of his activities on this occasion, and especially because of the significant absence of any reference to a word from God, render this chapter a difficult one to handle.

The narrative is on the whole free from the expansions and successive reinterpretalions of the divine words that have found their way into 2 Samuel 7 and 2 Samuel 12, and consequently is in many ways less complicated. Analysis Before offering a detailed analysis of 1 Kings 1, it has to be stated that it stands with 1 Kings 2 as a conclusion to the Succession Narrative in 2 Samuel Several links between these two chapters and the Succession Narrative sections in 2 Samuel confirm that they belong together.

Incidents in the earlier parts of the Succession Narrative are presupposed in 1 Kings In ch.

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It is further claimed that there are so many similarities between the traditions about Solomon and Adonijah in this narrative and the story of Absalom in 2 Sam. On the other hand it can be observed that chs. Not only is there one central theme, but a number of subordinate themes are taken up and can be 3. Succession to David's Throne 33 traced through the narrative. There is also a consistent treatment of characters. Mowinckel, for instance, argued that they belong to the Solomonic corpus that follows and not to the Davidic corpus that precedes,10 but his view is usually rejected.

Chapters 1 and 2 in 1 Kings are concerned with the succession of David by Solomon, and so this closing unit brings to its climax the main theme of the Succession Narrative. However, the succession is treated in two consecutive parts: the first, in ch. Both chapters contribute to the one and the same theme, namely the legitimation of Solomon's succession.

They have undoubtedly originated from the same author, and it can also be shown that the expansions and additions to the original narrative are to be attributed to the same reviser. An issue of fundamental importance for understanding 1 Kings 12 is concerned with the extent to which an original narrative has been preserved in the present text.

Rost accepted ch. This position is confirmed by Gunn,19 who does not accept that there was a greater degree of redactional activity and argues that too many difficulties are raised by proposing an extensive manipulation of the text. The possibility of redactional activity in ch. Among the reasons given for this approach are: a even if the original narrative has been reworked at a later stage, that has been so effectively accomplished as to make it impossible to discern the original;20 b the style of the narrative, its treatment of characters and its point of view give it such an impression of uniformity that only very few interpolations become evident;21 c some narratives may possess an inherent tension, which makes it unnecessary to search for a logical and theological consistency and to explain inconsistencies and incongruities by proposing a process of annotation and interpretation.

As is stated by Whybray the theories of interpolation are as numerous as the critics who have considered the matter,23 but that does not necessarily provide a good reason for abandoning such an approach.

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Some examples of the annotations found in ch. Moth found extensive secondary additions in both chapters, notably in ch. But the only dubious section in ch. Mettinger25 also regards 2. Of more interest for 3. Succession to David's Throne 35 our discussion is his assertion that the whole of 1.

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  8. Both these sections must be considered together, for the section on Adonijah 1. Wurthwein,26 on the other hand, whilst finding in both chapters duplicates, deuteronomistic accretions and post-deuteronomistic additions, retains the two large blocks in ch. A much more complicated process of redaction has been envisaged by Veijola27 and Langlamet,28 who agree on the principle of searching for the different stages of redaction that must have taken place before these chapters reached their present form.

    Veijola traces four stages in the redaction of ch. The redaction of ch. Unlike Mettinger, Veijola does not regard the whole of the Adonijah section in 1. Langlamet, although working on the basis of this concept of several consecutive accretions, does not attribute the redactionary stages to the same dates as Veijola, nor are these scholars agreed in the identification of these redactions. Many more verses have been worked over at some stage or other according to Langlamet's reconstruction. It is clear, however, that ch.

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    The above survey has also served the purpose of bringing to notice the few debatable sections that have to be considered in discussing 1 Kings 1; they are vv. The main reason for doubting the originality of w. If these verses are omitted, it is claimed that v. An argument that has been used in favour of their retention is that the original narrator, who was pro-Adonijah and anti-Solomon, would naturally show some interest in Adonijah's fate at the hands of Solomon, and by implication in Abishag.

    A much simpler solution, and one that is not tied to the political stance of the narrative in either its original or its final form, is to accept vv. In providing a colourful extension of the statement in v. In such a situation it is not surprising to find Adonijah seizing the opportunity to claim the throne.

    According to Long, 'biblical convention The testament of David in 2. The so-called political murders of the contender for the throne and his supporting priest incriminate Solomon, and so, it is contended, the report of these incidents was not part of the original narrative. Other incongruities between the testament of David and 2. Moreover, there are inconsistencies between these secondary sections and other verses in ch.

    Succession to David's Throne 37 the implication in 2. The original narrative, it is claimed, was smoothly rounded off by 2. Despite the assertion that accepting such excisions provides a satisfactory solution to the problem, there are deep-seated reservations concerning the method employed and the conclusions reached. There cannot but be dissatisfaction with the procedure of judging the reliability of 2. Others of the inconsistencies mentioned can also be adequately explained: although Abishag is introduced in 1. A more fundamental objection is that by deleting the Adonijah sections 1.

    The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement) The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)
    The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement) The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)
    The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement) The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)
    The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement) The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)
    The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement) The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)
    The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement) The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)
    The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement) The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)
    The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement) The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)
    The Chronicler in His Age (JSOT supplement)

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