The Lure of Technocracy

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In developing his key concepts of the transnationalisation of democracy and the constitutionalisation of international law, Habermas offers the main players in the struggles over the fate of the European Union the politicians, the political parties and the publics of the member states a way out of the current economic and political crisis, should they choose to follow it.

In the title essay Habermas addresses the challenges and threats posed by the current banking and public debt crisis in the Eurozone for European unification.

Technocracies: Power to the Experts?

He is harshly critical of the incrementalist, technocratic policies advocated by the German government in particular, which are being imposed at the expense of the populations of the economically weaker, crisis-stricken countries and are undermining solidarity between the member states.

He argues that only if the technocratic approach is replaced by a deeper democratization of the European institutions can the European Union fulfil its promise as a model for how rampant market capitalism can once again be brought under political control at the supranational level. This volume reflects the impressive scope of Habermas? Together the essays provide eloquent testimony to the enduring relevance of the work of one of the most influential and far-sighted public intellectuals in the world today, and are essential reading for all philosophers, legal scholars and social scientists interested in European and global issues.

Book Review: The Lure of Technocracy by Jürgen Habermas

Undetected location. In this context, readers will find a relatively strong focus on the future of European integration in The lure of technocracy. Written in the midst of the euro crisis, the first two parts of the book either deal directly Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in.

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The Lure of Technocracy

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Volume Translated by Ciaran Cronin The lure of technocracy. Mathias Albert. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar.

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The Lure of Technocracy The Lure of Technocracy
The Lure of Technocracy The Lure of Technocracy
The Lure of Technocracy The Lure of Technocracy
The Lure of Technocracy The Lure of Technocracy
The Lure of Technocracy The Lure of Technocracy
The Lure of Technocracy The Lure of Technocracy
The Lure of Technocracy The Lure of Technocracy

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