Unbreakable: An Autobiography

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Opposite to all of the assumption, Onler always put Mary and her ambition first.


Soon Mary got pregnant and delivered two baby boys through cesarean. While the operation, boxing was the only thing was in her mind. In this book, she has also pointed the partiality she had faced and also written how our sports ministry should help players. This is the Mary Kom a simple girl from Manipur who becomes the world champion boxer by her efforts and dedication.

There cannot be any one like her. Currently, she is running a boxing academy without any cost.

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The language of this book is very easy and narration is flawless. The chapters are properly divided which helps to finish this book in pace. This book is really inspiring. There are so many lessons which we can learn from her life. She has not lived a privileged life but still, she manages to fight all the odds and fulfilled her dream.

No doubt she has suffered a lot and sacrificed a lot but the way she embarked on the positive way is something must learn. This book is very pleasant to read as I also learned about the culture of north-east.

This book should be read by each and every individual, to know about the Mary Kom, to know her struggle as well as to get an inspiration from her. There are also many beautiful quotes in this book, you can read them here. Sheetal Maurya is a part-time blogger. She is a die-hard bookworm and has read more books than she can count.

Unbreakable An Autobiography (English) (Paperback, Mary Kom)

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Sharing is superb!! Like this: Like Loading Sheetal Maurya Sheetal Maurya is a part-time blogger. Sheetal Maurya September 1, Reply. And that is what it is seen in the book clearly. The routine of kid Mary explored in the book is really motivational. The hard-work and determination she lived with is really applaudable. The walking, running and cycling for so many kilometers daily was a routine of her daily life, and it played major role in the foundation of her athletic and strong body.

Apart from her talk about her tough journey and hard work, she have explored some customs and rituals from her native place. You got to know Manipur and people living there in better ways through the book. There are several incidents which will be found interesting by you, including the custom of naming a child.

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  • Unbreakable: an Autobiography.
  • It will definitely make you thinking that when purchasing a cycle is considered as so great event, how tough was the life there. And then you will start considering the people who are sitting in AC rooms and complaining about the system and circumstances, as poor-minded and poor-heart. It is tough to talk about something wrong happened to you in a neutral manner. This books explores such events clearly, without having any hate implanted for anyone in the same. This is a very rare quality to be found and the book is good to read in that aspect as well.

    The book also discusses about the clash of thoughts between Mary and her father, but it was not that her father is represented as a villain or something. He is explored as a more of a concerned father in the book who is having his own way of thinking. The talks about various boxing academies and sports authorities, the politics played there and some other aspects are explored without fear. But, they are also explored in a way that it shows the problem in the system, and what could be the possible way to overcome it, to get better nurtured talents from the country without any bias.

    You need a really big heart to write about it in such a way. And, yes, the mention of the kidnap of her father-in-law and his assassination will make your eyelids wet. Without their help and support it was never possible for Mary to become an international boxing champion. Her parents are the first one to get all the credit, then her family, her teachers and coaches, her academies, sports authorities, her community and many more deserve the due credit.

    Mary Kom Biography - Success Story of Indian Woman Olympic Boxer

    But the man of her life, her husband, deserves even more credit. His continue faith in Mary and unconditional support to her cannot be measured with anything. He shows that what a companion means. And the battle is not over yet, Mary is preparing for next Olympics.

    Unbreakable: An Autobiography

    And she is determined to do everything she can to win the Gold and make the nation proud on her even more. The book raises so many thought processes. And the reader will start desiring for such fighting spirit, dedicated parents, lovely and supportive life partner, and much more good stuff, after reading the book.

    Unbreakable: An Autobiography Unbreakable: An Autobiography
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    Unbreakable: An Autobiography

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